Limited company accounts cost will depend on the complexity of your business. As online accountants we charge between £299 and £499 per year to prepare and file your accounts to both Companies House and HMRC. Our limited company accountant fees are priced according to your company turnover/sales.
  • £299 Small Limited Company Turnover up to £30k
  • £399 Medium Limited Company Turnover up to £100k
  • £499 Large Limited Company Turnover up to £250k
  • Limited Company Accounts Cost from £299

    The cost for limited company accounts really does depend on a number of variables. Generally, accountants charge for their services according to the companies complexity. The main cost factors include turnover or sales of the limited company, profitability of the business, number of directors/staff and lastly the accuracy of the bookkeeping, number of transactions and accounting software used. Using online accountants is fast becoming a popular choice as more small limited company directors decide to complete their own bookkeeping using one of the widely available cloud accountancy packages. Because of this, the price charged by accountants to prepare the statutory end of year annual limited company accounts has decreased and can be as little as £299 which is the amount our limited company accounts cost prices start from.
    limited company accounts cost

    1. So, how much do limited company accounts cost?

    The answer to what do accountants charge for end of year limited company accounts can be influenced by a number of factors. Accountants used to charge or quote an hourly rate but it is now normal practice for annual accounts cost to have a fixed fee based on the companies size according to turnover, profit or number of transactions. We offer small limited companies a selection of three basic cost packages for year end annual accounts.

      1. £299 Small Limited Company Turnover up to £30,000
      2. £399 Medium Limited Company Turnover up to £100,000
      3. £499 Large Limited Company Turnover up to £250,000

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    2. Is it worth hiring an accountant?

    A good accountant will normally save you more in tax than you will incur on their fees. Tax law is complicated and knowing what you can and cannot claim for against your income is not always obvious. Consequently, the cost for limited company accounts charged by accountants should be good value and will ensure that all allowances and exemptions have been properly claimed for.

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    3. How much does it cost to use an online accountant?

    As online accountants minimise their costs by not having as many fixed expenses such as office rent & rates they are in a better position to pass on the savings to you by way of lower accountancy fees. Expect to pay substantially less than high street based accountancy firms. Please also remember that cheap accountants are not necessarily the best solution for preparing your annual company accounts. You do get what you pay for and if your require a more thorough and timely service you should expect to pay just a little more.

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    4. Are all accountants qualified?

    Unfortunately the use of the term 'accountant' is not protected in UK law. You should ensure you use a CCAB qualified accountant. CCAB has five members - ICAEW, ACCA, CIPFA, ICAS and Chartered Accountants Ireland.


    5. Should I see accountants reviews before making a choice?

    Yes we recommend seeing what other people have to say about your prospective accountants before hiring them. A good accountant will charge you a reasonable amount and ensure that all tax returns are made on time. We will ensure that you pay the correct amount of tax and vat and do not take too much out of the company by way of illegal dividends. This is a mistake many company directors make. Your dividends must have been paid only from retained profits after corporation tax.

    6. What should I expect after hiring an accountant?

    Our limited company end of year accounts cost are so low because we require payment in advance, paid securely using a credit or debit card. By working this way we avoid bad debts and can pass on the savings directly to you by way of lower limited company accountancy fees. When you appoint us as your online accountants we will send you a welcome message outlining what we need from you in order to prepare your statutory limited company accounts. We will also send you an engagement letter and request information to allow us to conduct anti money laundering searches.

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    limited company accountant fees

    Accountants Fees for Small Limited Companies

    We offer a fixed cost service for annual limited company year end accounts!
    £299 / yr

    Small Limited Company Annual Accounts Cost

    • Small Company Accountant Fees
    • Turnover up to £30k
    • Preparation of Full & Registrar Accounts
    • Accounts Filed to Companies House
    • Corporation Tax Return Filed to HMRC
    • Standard Turnaround 7-14 days
    £499 / yr

    Large Limited Company Annual Accounts Cost

    • Large Company Accountant Fees
    • Turnover up to £250k
    • Standard Turnaround 7-14 days
    • Corporation Tax Return Filed to HMRC
    • Accounts Filed to Companies House
    • Preparation of Full & Registrar Accounts

    Bespoke Quote for Limited Company Accounts Cost

    If your company does not meet our turnover criteria we can still prepare your annual accounts for a competitive price. Please feel free to start a chat, call us during normal office hours or send a message.